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Swords and Potions Swords and Potions

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

While still entertaining, it's kinda frustrating, it feels like adding skill points on haggling is completely useless, the first days I had great offers from the customers, but now they just keep lowballing me, I still have no idea how to get more workers, even tho I once got a blacksmith knock on my door for work, which was great, but I haven't seen anyone looking for work except countless thugs, which I don't find that useful.
It's reeeeally easy going bankrupt, I've been flying around the 1k mark really often, I keep managing to go up a bit, but I somehow keep falling down there, which is a bit dangerous.
I don't mind having to wait for more days, but it's still a bit silly.
It would be cool to see this game readjusted and fixed, the rpg maker-ish graphics kinda bug me off, but I can live with them.

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Armed Prophet Armed Prophet

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Pretty Cool, i liked the music, the characters, the controls, and all that stuff, the only thing is that there arent as much food as you may need, but thats ok...